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Am Sat, 8 Aug 2020 23:47:05 -0400
schrieb Steve Burnham <danipo at>:

> I have attempted to create my own CV Latex class based on another template
> I downloaded and incorporate it into LyX. I've done this before with my
> School's dissertation class long ago. I have done the following (Linux):
>    1. I downloaded the CV .cls file and I placed it in my LaTeX directory
>    2. I ran texhash to update
>    3. I created a LyX layout file (text below) and placed it in
>    ~/.lyx/layouts/ and then reconfigured LyX and restarted the program
>    4. Created a new file and under Document>Settings>Document Class I
>    selected my new CV class called "resume" and hit apply. LyX then says it's
>    converting the document to the new document class.
> After these steps the pull down menu for the layout list does not populate
> according to the new class. It appears populated as a standard article
> class rather than the custom layout options from the CV class. If I add in
> front matter and compile the document it does compile successfully and
> things like name, address, phone are formatted correctly. So I know that
> LyX can see the class and is using it to compile the document. I can also
> import plain LaTeX and everything works but this just turns LyX into a
> glorified TeX editor rather than what it should be doing. Below is the
> contents of my layout file which is quite minimal:
> #% comment line
> # \DeclareLaTeXClass{resume}
> Input
> -Steve

You missed
	#  \DeclareCategory{Curricula Vitae}
in the 'comment' part (which in reality is not a comment)

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