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Rudi Gaelzer rgaelzer at
Wed Aug 5 15:23:08 UTC 2020

A question for TeXperts and LyXperts alike.

In these times of coronavirus pandemic, all my teaching materiel is in the process 
of being moved to cloud-based venues.  
I'm using LyX/Beamer to prepare my lectures in presentation form, and in the 
course of preparing a number of subsequent lectures, I came across a problem 
related to cross-references that I wish to solve in an automatic way.

Say I prepare a given lecture as a Beamer presentation and number some 
equations/figures/etc for future reference.
I'm using the xr package to reference labels created in other presentations, but I 
also want to continue the counters in subsequent lectures.
The problem now poses as the following.  How can I automatically continue the 
counters in the next presentation?

Should I include the different presentations as children of a master LyX file?
I did not try this possibility because I fear it would mess up the individual tables 
of contents.

Is there any LaTeX command/package that provides the last value of a counter in a 
file, so that I can use it in another tex file?
Rudi Gaelzer
Institute of Physics
Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul
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