Custom layout inset without arguments

Andrew Parsloe ajparsloe at
Mon Apr 20 21:27:56 UTC 2020

On 21/04/2020 8:47 am, Richard Kimberly Heck wrote:
> On 4/19/20 2:23 PM, Gaston Gloesener wrote:
>> Riki wrote:
>> >This is bug #4066: There's at 
>> least some intention to try to figure it out before 2.4.0. For now, 
>> the workaround you mention is the only one available.
>> >
>> >Riki
>> Thank you for this pointer. I am a bit scared by this bug report 
>> having 13 years and last update being 12 months ago, but let’s stay 
>> positive it will happen 😊
> I filed the report, too, and have always meant to do something about 
> it. Really, that bug is more general, since the idea was for it to be 
> possible to declare various options, as well, so the command could in 
> effect have arguments (the way the label command does, e.g.).
>> Andrew wrote:
>> >But you can eliminate the red box from showing by closing the inset 
>> (click on the inset label to toggle open/closed).
>> Thanks for this workaround. I did actually notice this shortly after 
>> sending my email and must admit that it is already a big progress 
>> that I can at least get rid of the annoying  red box.
> Would it be enough here if we could just have a "no text box" option? 
> This would basically be a form of Decoration.
> Riki
For appearance in LyX this would be helpful, but if the associated latex 
command has an empty argument  attached that might be confusing, for 
example if using the latex command in an ert inset where you will need 
to remember that it is not just the command that is required but also a 
following empty argument (otherwise the next token in the ert inset is 
going to be gobbled).


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