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NOTE: if you are not interested in my history of TeX/LaTex and Lyx just jump to the question below :-D


I am very new to Lyx but a very “old” Tex/LaTeX user, while I was not using it for long time right now. I started using TeX/LaTeX back in the 1990’s where I used it for writing several project documents and even wrote a quite complex package for building figures of binary data structures.


So I did have some very deep TeX knowledge at that time, while I have to admit that now I have to lookup everything again like a noob 😊 But due to the former use the bits come up and fit together quite easily again. When it comes to LaTeX my knowledge is also much smaller than at that time but still better then plain TeX “internals”.


This said, I decided to start a rather quite huge project documentation using LaTeX again for reasons of the target audience of the project. While I was used to write all my documents in plain LaTeX in ascii mode I decided to give a modern frontend a try this time. After some research and reading my choice did obviously fall on LyX. This was yesterday late evening 😃 and I decided to start with MikTex after also some research on both options. I was not expecting LyX to trigger as many MikTex  package downloads which voided one advantage of MikTex and also hung at some point. So I went back and went with TexLive this time. Installation took a long time (as expected) but worked this time including LyX which I reinstalled just for not having to search on how to switch TeX instance and making sure it’s a clean installation as well.




First I want to mention that I did RFM (LyX user and customization manuals relevant sections) and used google with no success


I was looking for a way to use macros for entity names which may change throughout the lifecycle of the documents (like the project name). I know how to do it using a TeX macro but I wanted it to be a LyX integrated solution. The solution was found via google  to be an InsetLayout in the local layout settings. I did quickly understand the main mechanics and attributes so that I got it to work and looked up the details in the LyX customization manual. 



InsetLayout "Flex:projectNameInset"

  LabelString “My Project Name"

  LatexType Command

  LaTexName projectName

  LyxType "custom"

  Decoration Classic


    \newcommand*{\projectName}{ My Project Name }




The problem with this InsetLayout is that LyX always displays a red parameter input box after the insert of the inset and this is quite annoying in this use case as such insets will be quite common in the document. Is there any method for removing this as this macro does not require any arguments. I tried to set LatexType to None with no success and did not identify any other potential solution. Also google did not show me any potential solutions for this.


After some research and looking up in files provided with LyX I seem to understand that basically insets are always expected to have some type of conments and the use I make of it here is more a work-a-round than a solution. At least I was unable to locate an inset where no content was excpected.


So the question remains:


*	Is there a way to prevent LyX from asking for some content (red box)
*	If not, is there another solutioin than the one used here to achieve the same goals and avoid that input box ?
*	would it be possible to add an attribute to InsetLayout to disable the contents box in the doc text in a future version ? (like NoContent)


Many thanks for reading,

And more thanks for replying 😊,




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