Compiling LyX in debian buster

Dr Eberhard Lisse nospam at lisse.NA
Fri Apr 17 06:33:27 UTC 2020

Again, and considerations of not breaking the Open Source ideology
aside, can this issue be solved by funding a license?


On 2020-04-16 23:14 , Jean-Marc Lasgouttes wrote:
> Le 16/04/2020 à 22:46, Richard Kimberly Heck a écrit :
>> The problem would be that the version of Qt that Debian or Fedora or
>> whatever has (and what we can link into the Windows binary, etc) would
>> lag behind what's available to paying customers and so would not have
>> the latest bug fixes, etc. That's not ideal, but it's not catastrophic
>> either.
> It seems that new features in Qt are only 3d and virtual reality these
> days... I am not sure that we'll lose much.
> The issue might be though with bugs experienced with new versions of
> windows or macOS.
> JMatc

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