Compiling LyX in debian buster

Charlie taotraveller at
Thu Apr 16 13:11:28 UTC 2020

On Thu, 16 Apr 2020 11:36:32 +0100 F informed me of Compiling LyX in
debian buster

>     I and others have failed to compile lyx in several debian
> versions 
>over many years -- all because of problems in accessing QT.
>     At the moment I am trying to compile in buster unsuccessfully.  
>Does any one know what needs to be set in the configuration.
>Frank Salter

	Responded thus:

	Am probably speaking out of turn. Maybe the important word is
	"compile". If so please ignore this, because it is just noise.

At the risk of bringing the devil to the door:

I have used LyX for so many years with so many Debian versions, Buster
and Bullseye at the moment, many before that. Have to admit that it
has always installed successfully from the Debian repository, each
time. Never had to do anything special with QT.

Always worked straight up, and with a little tweaking of paths, locked
into all LyX documents of which there are thousands. on a new
internal, or external hard drive.

Why do you need to "compile" it when using Debian? I am interested.


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