Rodolfo Oviedo rodolfo.oviedo at outlook.com
Fri Apr 2 20:45:05 UTC 2021

Neither the file "example_raw.lyx" nor the "examples" directory referred to in the tutorial is present in my today's installation of LyX on Windows 10.
LyX Version (Tuesday, 29 December, 2020)
Library directory: C:\Program Files\LyX 2.3\Resources\
User directory: ~\AppData\Roaming\LyX2.3\
Qt Version (run-time): 5.15.2
Qt Version (compile-time): 5.15.2
I searched in my PC and the Web and I could not find the file and the rest of the files of the directory.
Would you help me to get these files?
Many thanks,
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