What does Library mean?

Jürgen Spitzmüller spitz at lyx.org
Wed Feb 10 17:11:26 UTC 2021

Am Mittwoch, dem 10.02.2021 um 18:01 +0100 schrieb Jean-Pierre
> Hello
> While translating the interface for master, I find the following
> string:
> Library directory
> What does library mean in the context?

It's the directory where global layouts, modules etc. are stored or
installed (as opposed to the "user directory" where users can store
their own local stuff).

> Does it refer to /usr/lib?

This can be the directory where LyX installs these files or the source
directory (if lyx is started from the build directory).

> I was unable to find the string in LyX.

The string is used in the About LyX dialog.


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> Jean-Pierre

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