Help with Lyx file- Missing packages

Jean-Marc Lasgouttes lasgouttes at
Wed Jan 13 09:34:34 UTC 2021

Le 12/01/2021 à 23:46, Kerry A. Bowman a écrit :
> Dear Lyx Customer Service,

Dear Kerry,

First, I am sorry to admit that we do not have a customer service. The 
best you can do when you have issues like this one is to send a message 
to the lyx-users at list, where other users (or developers) 
will be happy to assist.

> I am having trouble viewing and saving the attached file in PDF form. When I go to view the file in PDF I get an error message about missing packages. I looked online and saw that in Document>Settings>Latex preamble, but it says to contact you here and not edit the preamble.

I am curious to know where you get this last information. I suspect that 
it is in the code of one of our manual, but it is unfortunate that it 
can be construed as general advice.

To go back to your problem, there is not much we can do to help unless 
you tell us what is your operating system and are the packages that are 
marked as missing.


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