Insert menu

Richard Kimberly Heck rikiheck at
Tue Jan 26 18:59:56 UTC 2021

On 1/26/21 1:50 PM, Yuriy Skalko wrote:
> But I agree with another Andrew's proposition:
>> I realise this adds another item to a long Insert menu, but an 
>> overall shrinkage by one follows if "Footnote" and "Marginal Note" 
>> are included under "Note".
> The Insert menu is really long and already caused some inconveniences 
> for me on smaller screens. Also these items ("Footnote" and "Marginal 
> Note") can be separated by line from the rest in the Note submenu.

I would think Marginal Notes could certainly go with notes. But 
footnotes are so common, at least in academic writing, that I'd be 
reluctant to move them another keystroke away.


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