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Yuriy Skalko yuriy.skalko at
Tue Jan 26 18:50:00 UTC 2021

> I don't think this is a very good category name. Also I think that
> these are all sorts of "lists" that can be grouped together. In German,
> we have the general term "Verzeichnisse" which perfectly fits them all
> (TOC is "Inhaltsverzeichnis", Bibliography "Literaturverzeichnis", List
> of Figure "Abbildungsverzeichnis", Index "Stichwortverzeichnis"). It is
> too bad that English (apparently due to some historical contingencies)
> distinguishes "lists", "tables" etc. So we need this rather crude entry
> for English.
> However, I do not think that we should structure the menu based on
> English semantics.
> Jürgen

I agree that current state of menu is better where these items are 
grouped. Also TOC is very common at the end of the books in Russian and 
nomenclatures -- at the front.

But I agree with another Andrew's proposition:

> I realise this adds another item to a long Insert menu, but an overall shrinkage by one follows if "Footnote" and "Marginal Note" are included under "Note".

The Insert menu is really long and already caused some inconveniences 
for me on smaller screens. Also these items ("Footnote" and "Marginal 
Note") can be separated by line from the rest in the Note submenu.


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