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José Abílio Matos jamatos at
Tue Jan 26 08:37:17 UTC 2021

On Tuesday, January 26, 2021 7:27:06 AM WET Jürgen Spitzmüller wrote:
> I prefer functional category over positional. TOC, LOF, LOT (the latter
> two often in the backmatter BTW, sometimes even the former), indexes,
> nomenclature, references and glossaries all are lists with entries that
> refer to specific parts of the document. This is their common function.
> The position differs historically and culturally (probably also between
> genres).
> Jürgen

Yes, this is more variable than it could look at first sight. :-)

One striking example for me is the case of Portuguese books where the TOC was 
placed at the end. The idea is that in this case you can interpret the TOC as 
some kind of index. Actually it even received the name of index while the 
index was called "remissive index".

Personally I do not like because when I go to a book I like to see the 
structure of the book and the TOC conveys that.

Nowadays most book in Portuguese have the TOC at front but I can see a 
different interpretation to have it at the end.

Best regards,
José Abílio
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