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Thu Jan 21 18:23:08 UTC 2021

Am Thu, 21 Jan 2021 18:26:38 +0100
schrieb Thibaut Cuvelier <tcuvelier at>:

> Dear list, and Pavel mostly :)
> I'm starting again to configure LyX on Windows, and the CMake files do not behave as
> expected.
> I am setting -DLYX_DEPENDENCIES_DOWNLOAD=1 on the command line, but this is what it
> outputs:
> "C:\Program Files\JetBrains\CLion\bin\cmake\win\bin\cmake.exe" -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug
> -DLYX_DEPENDENCIES_DOWNLOAD=1 -G "CodeBlocks - NMake Makefiles" D:\Thibaut\LyX --
> TOP_SRC_DIR = D:/Thibaut/LyX --
> -- Building out-of-source
> -- Selecting build type defaults from
> -- ERROR: Could NOT find GNUWIN32, please set GNUWIN32_DIR
> -- ERROR: or let cmake download all required files by using
> development/cmake/modules/FindGNUWIN32.cmake:43 (message): Call Stack (most recent call
> first): development/cmake/modules/LyXPaths.cmake:57 (find_package)
>   CMakeLists.txt:251 (include)
> It really looks like the parameter I set is disregarded (as if the check is done before
> any downloading can happen). My CMake skills do not allow me to debug this thoroughly…
> Moreover, the variables MSVC14 and MSVC10 are discouraged since CMake 3.8:
> Plus, the same set of
> dependencies can be used for Visual C++ 2017 and 2019, which the current code cannot do
> (and there are no more MSVC variables for these). I am joining a patch to switch to the
> now recommended MSVC_VERSION. It is untested due to the above issue.

Since the FindGNUWIN32 is called form development/cmake/modules/LyXPaths.cmake
and this is called from CMakeLists.txt:251, it is no wonder, that
had no effect. (It is used at CMakeLists.txt:312, (means later)).

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