Feature Request from Doug Martin and Tom Philips

Jean-Marc Lasgouttes lasgouttes at lyx.org
Mon Jan 18 19:26:20 UTC 2021

Le 18/01/2021 à 20:03, Doug Martin a écrit :
>      > So you want to import as .tex the result of R processing. This
>     can be done
>      > via "Paste from LaTeX". What would be missing for your intended
>     usage?
>      From what I understand, they would like to import a .Rds file without
>     having to manually convert it to LaTeX.
> Definitely correct on the "without" part.  But we want to directly 
> import an R object
> of class data.frame or data.table into an LYX table.

But is there a univocal way of doing that that will please everyone? 
That seems difficult to me.

OTOH, it should not be that difficult to create a format for an R object 
and then a converter from there to .tex.

Then LyX will be able to import object in the way you want.

> If we have to export such an object first, we would typically export it 
> to an .Rda object.
> But it would be far more convenient to not have to do that.

So you would like to take the object from R memory and make it appear 
magically in a LyX document? That looks a bit difficult to me.

Let's try something else (that I have no idea how to achieve, but at 
least which makes sense): we could want to transform a Chunk into its 
latex equivalent, that is run knitr/Sweave on this chunk only and then 
import the result in LyX. Is it what you have in mind?

At this point, an example file may be useful. One that does not depend 
on 45 nifty R modules, if possible ;)


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