Feature Request from Doug Martin and Tom Philips

Jean-Marc Lasgouttes lasgouttes at lyx.org
Mon Jan 18 18:25:42 UTC 2021

Le 14/01/2021 à 05:34, Doug Martin a écrit :
> JMarc and all,
> Tom and I use knitr extensively for R code chunks, and we mostly use 
> kable with kableExtra to make tables.
> The input to kable are R data frames, or data.tables, which are the 
> result of model fitting and related calculations.
> But we like to put mathematical expressions in selected cells of tables, 
> which is so easy with LYX tables, and we currently
> have to make the data entry into LYX by hand from data tables and 
> data.tables in order to make use of that feature.
> So it would be great if we could import R data tables and data.tables 
> into LYX tables, rather than using the kable/kableExtra
> solution for our tables  (maybe I didn't make that clear in my earlier 
> email).  Then we would probably would drop use of
> kable/kableExtra.

So you want to import as .tex the result of R processing. This can be 
done via "Paste from LaTeX". What would be missing for your intended usage?


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