Compile LyX on Apple Silicon / arm64

Stephan Witt st.witt at
Sun Jan 17 21:50:10 UTC 2021

Hi Marcus,

thank you for your message and the good news.

I’d be very glad to see your changes to the build script for Mac.

My plan regarding LyX for ARM CPU is to create a universal binary with Intel and ARM architecture. In the past we did this with PowerPC and Intel. I’d guess one can do this with the current Xcode and (cross) compile Qt and LyX (plus all helper frameworks we’re using) on one system architecture for both target systems. 

I’m not sure how difficult this is - but it should be doable.

Best regards,

> Am 17.01.2021 um 21:36 schrieb Marcus Mikulcak <marcus.mikulcak at>:
> Hi everybody,
> a few days ago I posted this message on lyx-users but was told that this list might be the better place for it. Here goes:
> a few months ago (November, I think?) somebody raised the question of LyX on Apple Silicon, how and whether it would run. As I've been using a LyX version that I've compiled from source (with a feature included by Jürgen Spitzmüller that's so far only in master - thanks again!), I was anxious to find out whether LyX would compile for arm64. Long story short: It does! 
> I had to fiddle with the Mac development release script a bit to get it to run on Big Sur, but no major problems there either. 
> If I can be of any help in testing or during the release process, just let me know! I'd be very happy to help. 
> The last sentence stands: If I can be of any help in testing LyX on Apple Silicon or even in preparing a universal binary for release or anything like that, just me know! 
> Best regards,
> Marcus
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