Use C++ testing framework

Yuriy Skalko yuriy.skalko at
Sun Jan 17 18:36:37 UTC 2021

> I'm hoping that people will focus their energies mostly on bug-fixing
> for the 2.4.0 release. But I understand that that isn't as fun as doing
> new things. Also, I usually think it's best to get agreement on the
> framework before launching into a lot of work. But, in this case, I
> think maybe many of us need to see what this might look like, so
> starting to develop the framework in a feature branch (even if it
> happened after 2.4.0) is the way to go.

I'm all for focusing on 2.4.0 release. So I'll not push yet my commits 
into newly created branch features/unit-test-adoption. Are there strong 
arguments in favor of other frameworks?

> Expanding the tests in support/,
> and integrating the existing ones into whatever framework you have in
> mind, would be a good start, I think.
> Riki

Yes, as you can see in the patch from the first thread message, I 
started exactly from this.

Of course testing GUI code will be harder, but we can begin with testing 
the core code.

Also I want to propose an easy way to gradually increase test coverage 
-- after fixing the bug to add a test so this bug will immediately show 
up if it reappear due to future changes. Recent bug #12069 will be a 
good candidate for this. I'll write corresponding test for it.


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