Change LyX release numbering to Semantic Versioning

Jean-Marc Lasgouttes lasgouttes at
Fri Jan 15 09:11:03 UTC 2021

Le 13/01/2021 à 11:22, José Abílio Matos a écrit :
> On a more serious note, I do not insist on the particular use of the x.0
> convention. I find it elegant and it gives a nice justification, for example,
> why gcc stable releases always starts at .1. FWIW gcc started the new
> numbering scheme at version 5, and it already the seventh release where this
> numbering schme is used.
> In Fedora Rawhide (to be Fedora 34) the current version of gcc is 11.0.0. That
> immediately shows that this is not the stable version. The first stable
> version will be 11.1.

Yes, it is very immediate. All you have to do is to go to the web site 
of each and every package you want to use and check what they mean by 
3.0 ! I propose something where prime numbers are used for development 
releases, this would be very simple too.

At least, when a version is 2.99.4 or 2.4.0alpha1, I know it is not a 
regular release. Beat that with your "we all know what it means" system.


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