Feature Request from Doug Martin and Tom Philips

Richard Kimberly Heck rikiheck at lyx.org
Wed Jan 13 00:39:02 UTC 2021

On 1/12/21 6:04 PM, Doug Martin wrote:
> Tom and I are using various R packages for the book Portfolio
> Construction and Risk Management that we are writing
> using LYX.  A LYX feature that would help us in that effort a lot
> would be the ability to import R data framesm and data.table
> objects created using the excellent data.table package. Given the
> thousands of R packages, and the popularity of the
> data.table package, we guess that this import feature for LYX would
> benefit a lot of people who use both R and LYX.

Hi, Doug,

Other people how use R (as I do not) will probably have more helpful
things to say. But I suspect that this can be done using 'external
templates'. Have a look at section 6 of the Customization manual and,
more helpfully, the templates that already exist, which you will find in
the xtemplates/ directory of you LyX system library directory (whose
location is given in the About LyX dialog). If it looks like this might
work, then there will be people here willing to help you write the template.


PS Glad you have found LyX so useful!

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