#11453: App icons are not retina-ready, missing resolutions

mn mnork0 at gmx.net
Tue Jan 12 23:06:27 UTC 2021

On 12.01.21 22:46, LyX Ticket Tracker wrote:
> #11453: App icons are not retina-ready, missing resolutions
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>   Reporter:  Mike         |       Owner:  stwitt
>       Type:  enhancement  |      Status:  assigned
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> Component:  general      |     Version:  2.3.2
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> Comment (by stwitt):
>   This is the situation on my system:
>   - Dock icon: [[Image(Bildschirmfoto 2021-01-12 um 22.19.12.png)]]
>   - Finder list:  [[Image(Bildschirmfoto LyX in Finder.png)]]
>   - Finder property tab:  [[Image(Bildschirmfoto 2021-01-12 um
>   22.36.07.png,412px)]]
>   IMO we should stay with Lydia!
>   I didn't get the message from Mike. What should be done exactly? I can do
>   something (e.g. search for a recipe in internet) but this is beyond my
>   knowledge currently.

Sorry. Currently my access to trac seems somehow broken, thus replying here:

On all systems, including the old non-retina ones, the screen realestate
afforded to the icons is suboptimal.
The resolution is simply too low for retina displays and the very
quality of the icon itself is a bit lacking.

The higher retina resolution is just one of nice desiderata. But when
tackling that, one might as well clean up the icon construction and
increase usability!

When I switch apps via Dock or Tab-switcher, with many applications
open, it gets ever harder to distinguish different apps by there icon,
and the current default gets too tiny to be easily recognisable.

Thus, aesthetics are low in high resolution and usability could be
improved in all, but especially in lower resolution/display sizes.

Going into the direction Apple indicates and pushes for Big Sur is
therefore a no-go, imo. There is too low contrast and too many things
just look the same.

The github alternative I uploaded some time ago is a first idea into the
compromises of keeping Lydia, cleanup the svg/icns, maximise
icon-space-realestate, increase usability. Stronger contrast, colours.
My result may not satisfy all or everyone in the current iteration, but
shows most points just raised here as 'improved'. A full rework/update
might of course still be better than this idea…

On my local installation I always replace shipped icns with my own and
while the files are still in need for more polish, they already help me
a lot when switching between applications… Stefan: try them out and hit
cmd-tab while a few apps are open.

I am also for keeping Lydia, but wouldn't mind a whole new approach
either, as long as the usability gets increased (again: a no-no to


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