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Am Mo., 11. Jan. 2021 um 19:40 Uhr schrieb Richard Kimberly Heck <
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> On 1/11/21 1:38 PM, Yu Jin wrote:
> Am Mo., 11. Jan. 2021 um 18:36 Uhr schrieb Richard Kimberly Heck <
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>> I've just uploaded Eugene's Windows binaries to the ftp server and will
>> wait 24 hours for the mirrors to sync before doing the alpha 1 release.
>> Once that's done, we should start getting more feedback. But, as was
>> said in our developer's meeting today, the master branch is pretty
>> stable, so we hope to be able to move forward pretty quickly towards beta.
>> Toward that end, efforts now should be focused on fixing bugs and
>> polishing the new features in 2.4. That said: Are there any new features
>> people would still like to get into 2.4 that require format changes? If
>> so, then those will be considered. Features that do not require format
>> changes can also be considered but are less pressing, since they could
>> be added during the 2.4 cycle. Once we have some sense for the work that
>> needs doing, we can set a target date for feature freeze.
>> Please note that bugs targeted to 2.3.x and 2.4.0 are listed on the bug
>> tracker home page <>.
>> Obviously, not all of these will get fixed, and many of them are quite
>> minor. But if you're looking for something to do....
> Would it make sense to remove the old wininstaller folder and do the
> related stuff to the tarballs build process (how you call that), so that it
> includes all the necessary files for the new installer, before the new
> stable 2.4.x branch is created (save some work)? I could do the installer
> part, it shouldn't take long, just waiting for the green light.
> Yes, any work you want to do on the installer stuff, you should probably
> do as soon as possible. That will give us plenty of time to get it all
> tested with the alpha and beta releases.
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