Change LyX release numbering to Semantic Versioning

Jean-Marc Lasgouttes lasgouttes at
Tue Jan 12 13:49:47 UTC 2021

Le 12/01/2021 à 11:00, Pavel Sanda a écrit :
> - I prefer to stay with single digits as long as possible because it's
>    easier to remember/communicate them. The moment the version numbers
>    go beyond 10, you tend to lose track of versions (experience with
>    firefox-like scheme).

Firefox changes its major number on a 6 weeks (maybe 4 weeks now) 
schedule. We change ours every 110 weeks historically. If we go to 3 
now, we will be at 10 in 14 years.

It is more like LibreOffice than Firefox.

But I am not going to argue more than that.
I guess I have to shelve my proposal to rename ourselves to "LyX Office 
Studio", then.


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