Change LyX release numbering to Semantic Versioning

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Tue Jan 12 08:02:55 UTC 2021

Am Mo., 11. Jan. 2021 um 23:59 Uhr schrieb Joel Kulesza <jkulesza at

> Regarding semantic versioning: I feel like LyX already (arguably) uses
> that.  The argument I imagine: it's not clear what prompted moving from
> version 1->2, but a Python-based conversion script manages forward/backward
> compatibility in such a way that I regard the "API" as unchanging with the
> various changes that underpin 2.4.0 (maybe I'm mistaken).  I would imagine
> a change from 2->3 if, for example, the .lyx file migrated irreversibly
> from what it is now to XML.  Otherwise, as JMarc noted once I was already
> composing this, the "API" is pretty stable.
> Taking Jose's semver example, I'd alternatively summarize as:
> So I am proposing for the next version to be 2.4.0.
> The stable bug fix releases for this series would be 2.4.1, 2.4.2,...
> If, for instance, there is a problem in the stable version 2.4.2 then we
> can immediately release version 2.4.3.
> So, this is effectively how things operate now except collapsing the
> fourth entry into the third.  Once a breaking change occurs, then the jump
> would be made from 2->3.
> Regarding how these numbers might matter to someone: I've had experience
> with organizations that approve software for use based on major version
> number.  So, changing major version number can require re-review for use,
> which inhibits adoption/continued use.  This is not insurmountable, and
> it's a very unique and bizarre concern; however, I did want to raise it as
> an issue and why I'm not too enthusiastic about rapid version number
> changes.  That said, my belief is that numbers are straightforward to count
> and arbitrary anyway, so rapid incrementation doesn't bother me personally.

Just for the records, I do not really care as long as the version does not
increase to something bizarre (maybe apply Linus' "no more fingers left to
count" rule).

If we apply Joel's approach, it is well possible that we'll never reach
3.0. At least I hope we won't have changes that are incompatible in the
sense that we cannot convert and revert via lyx2lyx. If this doesn't count,
any major release is such an incompatible change.

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