LyX 2.4 Status Update

Richard Kimberly Heck rikiheck at
Mon Jan 11 17:36:01 UTC 2021

I've just uploaded Eugene's Windows binaries to the ftp server and will 
wait 24 hours for the mirrors to sync before doing the alpha 1 release. 
Once that's done, we should start getting more feedback. But, as was 
said in our developer's meeting today, the master branch is pretty 
stable, so we hope to be able to move forward pretty quickly towards beta.

Toward that end, efforts now should be focused on fixing bugs and 
polishing the new features in 2.4. That said: Are there any new features 
people would still like to get into 2.4 that require format changes? If 
so, then those will be considered. Features that do not require format 
changes can also be considered but are less pressing, since they could 
be added during the 2.4 cycle. Once we have some sense for the work that 
needs doing, we can set a target date for feature freeze.

Please note that bugs targeted to 2.3.x and 2.4.0 are listed on the bug 
tracker home page <>. 
Obviously, not all of these will get fixed, and many of them are quite 
minor. But if you're looking for something to do....


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