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Sun Jan 10 06:54:00 UTC 2021

On 1/9/21 9:58 PM, Thibaut Cuvelier wrote:
> On Sun, 10 Jan 2021 at 03:46, Richard Kimberly Heck <rikiheck at
> <mailto:rikiheck at>> wrote:
>     I've recently fixed two bugs, #3964 and #10030, both of which  have to
>     do with the behavior of "Apply" in our dialogs. If you insert a
>     citation
>     (say) and then hit Apply, then if you hit OK you get another one. The
>     problem is (was) that the dialog is not connected to the newly created
>     inset. So I've made it so that now the dialog IS connected to the
>     new inset.
>     But there is a side-effect. Suppose you insert a citation and hit
>     apply,
>     and now you move the cursor somewhere else. The dialog is STILL
>     connected to the inset. So if you wanted to insert a new citation in a
>     new place, you would have to close the dialog and then re-open it. The
>     reference dialog is explicitly designed not to exhibit this
>     behavior, so
>     (a comment says) you can easily insert multiple references.
>     I'm a bit unsure what we want to do here. Should we disconnect the
>     dialogs on cursor movement perhaps? Then they can remain open and
>     won't
>     act strangely.
> I already thought this behaviour was kind of strange. The other option
> could be to close the window on cursor moves. I think it would be
> easier to understand from a user point of view, as the disconnection
> would have a UI feedback, even though it might really annoy quite a
> few users.

It would help that the dialog would reset when disconnected. I.e., the
citation dialog would no longer show any citations as having been
selected, etc.


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