Insets and Apply

Richard Kimberly Heck rikiheck at
Sun Jan 10 02:46:41 UTC 2021

I've recently fixed two bugs, #3964 and #10030, both of which  have to
do with the behavior of "Apply" in our dialogs. If you insert a citation
(say) and then hit Apply, then if you hit OK you get another one. The
problem is (was) that the dialog is not connected to the newly created
inset. So I've made it so that now the dialog IS connected to the new inset.

But there is a side-effect. Suppose you insert a citation and hit apply,
and now you move the cursor somewhere else. The dialog is STILL
connected to the inset. So if you wanted to insert a new citation in a
new place, you would have to close the dialog and then re-open it. The
reference dialog is explicitly designed not to exhibit this behavior, so
(a comment says) you can easily insert multiple references.

I'm a bit unsure what we want to do here. Should we disconnect the
dialogs on cursor movement perhaps? Then they can remain open and won't
act strangely.


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