[PATCH] Add move constructor and move assignment operator for FileName class

Jean-Marc Lasgouttes lasgouttes at lyx.org
Sat Jan 9 21:36:48 UTC 2021

Le 09/01/2021 à 22:13, Yuriy Skalko a écrit :
> Yes, only these 3.
> Seems like this is caused by `getIcon` calls in 
> DynamicMenuButton::updateTriggered (called on every toolbar update, that 
> happens on every key press). And `getIcon` doesn't just return icon from 
> some cache, but directly checks the file on disk. I'm not sure how to 
> fix it the right way.

I see, I'll take a look. It is probably not necessary to call getIcon at 

> Now almost full update of GUI state update (dialogs, toolbars, 
> statusbar) is done in GuiView::restartCaret that is called in several 
> places in GuiApplication::processKeySym. It will be great to implement 
> more fine-grained control of the GUI update.

Frankly, I am not at ease at all with the way things get updated. I do 
not understand the Qt mechanisms well enough. If you feel like trying to 
understand it, please do. Be warn though that we are in a working but 
fragile situation now, changes will lead to a rough ride but it is 
probably worth the cost.


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