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Thibaut Cuvelier tcuvelier at lyx.org
Thu Jan 7 17:23:21 UTC 2021

On Thu, 7 Jan 2021, 12:52 Lorenzo Bertini, <lorenzobertini97 at gmail.com>

> I think almost all the options are on the table at this point. For the
> sake of completeness I think it's worth mentioning DOM library Boost
> Property Tree, which popped up frequently while searching.
> I think Thibaut is right when saying that, for the way LyX is structured
> now, a SAX writer would be more appropriate, because we won't work on
> xml directly, but convert the LyX file. However most of the libraries
> have a DOM approach, and also, if someday we'll convert LyX format to
> something xml-like, we might have to start all of this again.
> I did a small benchmark with pugixml and to both read and write a xml
> document of 2.2Mb of equivalent ~100/120 pages chock full of math: it
> takes negligble time to both read and write on my really modest laptop
> A10-9600). Peak memory consumption was 14Mb, but since some MathML was
> corrupted (it has trouble with backslash \) it's possible it might be
> way less once fixed: LyX consumption opening the corresponding LyX file
> was ~120Mb. The benchmark table in
> <
> http://rapidxml.sourceforge.net/manual.html#namespacerapidxml_1performance>
> seems to indicate that pugixml and RapidXML have performance just one
> order greater than strlen, so I don't think parse time will ever be a
> problem.

Thanks for your benchmark. For me, the major difference between the two
libraries is that pugixml is still maintained, but not really RapidXML. And
XML parsing is very often a source of security problems (not just XXE).

I'm unfamiliar with the concept of "wrapping" libraries and "layers": is
> it when you write your own classes and methods on top of some common
> stuff those libraries do, so if for whatever reason you have to switch
> you can "plug" another easily?

Yes, exactly.

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