Problem with standard regex

Yuriy Skalko yuriy.skalko at
Wed Jan 6 09:36:43 UTC 2021

>> > BTW, I tested the regexes with Russian documents, and found an error in 
>> > Additional.lyx
>> > Correction attached.  
>> Really, that was missed out. Please commit it.
> Done at c6bc5f0c


>> I've tested the regexes (with and without format). Now there are no 
>> problems with Cyrillic in any practical regexes I can think of. Thanks 
>> for advsearch that is really usable now, Kornel!
> Tried some exotic ways?
> 1.) Search for 3 or more consecutive identical chars
>         '(\S)\1\1+'
> 2.) Repeated words
>         '\b(\w+)\s+\1\b'
>   # You will find 'действительно действительно', 'после после' in Additional.lyx
> 3.) Different languages (e.g.Latin) (Wrap the whole expression into Latin env
>         '.+'
> etc
>         Kornel

Of course I've not tried such regexps. These are interesting and really 
useful. I've done search for repeated words in LyX manuals and fixed a few.


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