#11371: default equation reference format

Richard Kimberly Heck rikiheck at lyx.org
Wed Jan 6 06:04:41 UTC 2021

On 1/5/21 6:29 PM, Thomas wrote:
> Riki:
> Thank you for giving this matter some attention.
> Yes. (At least for me ...) Remembering a most recent case should be really good. (My "most recent (and desired) outcome" has remained unchanged for years. I am not certain if or how I would need to "communicate to LyX" my "choice." 

Sorry, I meant that we, the developers, have various options what choice
to make about what new functionality to include. It sounds like the
right choice here is: let the context menu remember what the last format
chosen was.

> Please keep me posted regarding progress. I normally do not track improvements to LyX. So, a notice from you to "update LyX to get the new capability" would be appreciated.

This will be in LyX 2.4.0, I expect. Which, hopefully, will be in March.
But we'll see.

> Separately, let me see if you have advice regarding one more topic.
> Many scientific publishers offer (and seem very much to encourage the use of) downloadable templates for specific journals. As far as I can tell, most of those templates do not appear via my combination of LyX and MikTeX. I have tried to follow various procedures that LyX and other sources describe for installing templates. Only once have I been able to actually find the right directories and "make it work." (The template was something like svmono, from Springer.) Usually, the templates and (if any) accompanying instructions seem inadequate. For example, the downloads do not have [as best I recall, something like ...] .class files. Anything that I should know or can do regarding overcoming this? Also, perhaps someone can automate such a process?

This is quite common, yes. Usually, the templates are just LaTeX files
and what you need to do is import them into LyX (File> Import> LaTeX).
Problems arise if there is no LyX layout for whatever class file the
template uses. But very often that's not too hard to overcome. This type
of question arises on the user list quite frequently, so if you run into
that problem, I'd suggest posting there.


PS Please post responses inline. It makes the discussion much easier to

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> On 1/5/21 3:09 PM, Thomas wrote:
>> Permit me to describe the situation. Hopefully, you can tell "what to do" or "what to set" (or you can prioritize an upgrade).
>> I have a long document with many (more than 100) equations and many tables.
>> To generate an internal cross-reference to an equation, ...
>> 1.	I right-click on the equation.
>> 2.	I select (from the now-evident choices) "copy as reference."
>> 3.	I right-click in the document at the place in which I want to have a cross reference.
>> 4.	I select "paste."
>> 5.	This leaves something of the form "Ref: eq: ...".
>> 6.	I right-click on that and select “(<Reference>).”
>> 7.	This leaves something of the form “EqRef:...”.
>> My request features a desire to obtain the result (7. above) without having to cope with (at least) steps 5 and 6.
>> Trying to use "Insert > Cross-reference" is prohibitively difficult. The list from which to make a selection is too big.
>> I would think that a "remember and act on the last choice" feature would be a benefit for many people. In my case, I want all cross-references to equations to be of the same form ("EqRef: ..."). It may be reasonable to suppose that many other people would want (after making a one-time setting or a first-time choice) uniformity throughout a document.
> This is the use-case Scott mentioned. It sounds like remembering the last choice is what would be best here, yes?
> This is slightly tricky to do, but hardly impossible.
> Riki

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