LyX 2.4.0-alpha1

José Abílio Matos jamatos at
Mon Jan 4 15:22:26 UTC 2021

On Monday, January 4, 2021 2:02:30 PM WET Jean-Marc Lasgouttes wrote:
> Strangely enough, the test is present. Assuming your configure script is
> updated,

I will answer this in two parts. :-)
I would assume that the configure script is updated as I am compiling from the 
tar balls created by Riki for alpha 1.

> could you send the output of
>    g++ -dumpversion
> and
>    g++ -dumpfullversion
> ?
> JMarc

I asked in the Fedora EPEL's list for this output as I do not have CentOS or 
RHEL installed (either version 7 or any other). As soon as I have a feedback I 
will answer this part.

Thank you. :-)
José Abílio
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