Bugs with Patches

Richard Kimberly Heck rikiheck at lyx.org
Mon Jan 4 04:50:11 UTC 2021

Hi, all,

One thing we might do on the way to 2.4.0 is look over the bugs that
have patches. Here's a URL for that search:


It'd be great if various people could have a look at some of these. That
might be a relatively easy way to get some more fixes into 2.4.0
(low-hanging fruit). You don't have to be a developer with commit rights
to join this effort!

I've added the triage keyword to all of these bugs. Please remove it if
you look at one of these bugs and make some determination along the
following lines. Then we won't duplicate effort. (Unfortunately, it is
not possible to search for bugs with 'patch' AND 'triage'. So look at
the keywords field to see if 'triage' is still there.)

The first question is whether the patch is even still valid (i.e., isn't
totally out of date). If so, then we can remove the patch keyword.

If so, does the patch look like one we could actually commit for 2.4.0?
If so, then either go ahead, if you're confident (and have commit
rights), or else start a discussion on trac (cc'ing me) or on the list.
You might set the milestone to 2.4.0 as well. If the patch doesn't look
ready, then they keyword is ok, but maybe set the milestone to 2.4.x or
else to 'nothing'.


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