Preamble section patch

Richard Kimberly Heck rikiheck at
Mon Jan 4 03:20:56 UTC 2021

On 9/30/20 7:07 AM, Lorenzo Bertini wrote:
> Il 28/09/20 22:57, Richard Kimberly Heck ha scritto:
>> So can you create a file with the new preamble that might cause a problem so we can see exactly what it is?
>> Riki
> My problem is with the following (pseudo)code, that is present in
> writeLatex, but not in my code:
>> // Check if the user preamble contains uncodable glyphs
>> odocstringstream user_preamble;
>> Encoding * enc = features.runparams().encoding;
>> if (enc) {
>> 	for (n in preamble.size()) {
>> 		char c = preamble[n];
>> 		if (!enc->encodable(c))	LYXERR0("Uncodable character");
>> 		else			user_preamble.put(c);
>> 	}
>> }
> I tried manually inserting copy-pasted "illegal" utf-8 characters
> (example: ࠀ) into both preambles (if this sounds stupid it's because it
> is, I don't know much about encoding) and neither produced the expected
> error (the LaTeX one produced an encoding error by other means, the
> message wasn't the one expected).
> While doing this I found that saving the preamble and closing the window
> (triggering saving the cursors position, etc) and opening it again
> breaks the second preamble tab text: don't bother looking into the
> patch, it needs a lot of fixing. I'm on it.

We should try to do this for 2.4.0. There are several bugs that it would
more or less solve.

Can you create a bug report for it? Milestone 2.4.0, attach the patch.


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