assumes "python" command exists

Scott Kostyshak skostysh at
Wed Feb 24 18:19:30 UTC 2021

On Tue, Feb 23, 2021 at 06:40:46PM +0000, José Abílio Matos wrote:
> On Monday, February 15, 2021 3:25:45 PM WET Scott Kostyshak wrote:
> > +1
> > 
> > Thanks for taking a look, José.
> > 
> > Scott
> OK. I have lots of issues on hand but at least this is funny. :-)
> One option would be to use some kind of string formatting. Actually since 
> curly braces are usually not used in OS we could use the string format syntax 
> (that is also used in C++20 format). One example would be:
> \converter pdf4   pdf8  "{python} $$s/scripts/ $$i $$o ebook"...
> The lyx could convert internally {python} to the python path. Since lyx 
> already has this information, or else it would not call
> If you do not like this option one in the same line as the other 
> interpolations that we apply is to use $${python}.
> The other option is to replace this in like in the following 
> patch that I have not yet tested.
> What do you think?

Thanks for working on it, José! I don't have an opinion on which
approach is best. I can test the patch, but first perhaps I'll wait to
see if others have comments.

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