[RFC] Simple Search to Bottom Dock

Jürgen Spitzmüller spitz at lyx.org
Mon Feb 15 14:23:52 UTC 2021

Am Montag, dem 15.02.2021 um 15:09 +0100 schrieb Enrico Forestieri:
> Thanks. Another glitch is the fact that the search dialog can only be
> dismissed by the X-close button (the toolbar button does not toggle).
> However, when the dialog is minimized, the close button is not
> available and one has to expand it to be able to dismiss it.

Ctrl-F actually toggles.

> Apart from that, it seems to work well. As a further info for you,
> when using search-as-you-type and the "Wrap search?" dialog appears,
> after dismissing it I tried to change the search string but I did not
> notice that the focus was returned to the workarea and I ended up
> modifying the document, instead.

Yes, that's

There's now the wrap option in the dialog to mitigate this.


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