assumes "python" command exists

Scott Kostyshak skostysh at
Mon Feb 15 00:43:47 UTC 2021

Some things did not work when I compiled on Ubuntu 20.10 because by
default Ubuntu 20.10 does not have a "python" command and instead
realies on "python2" and "python3" commands. The fix is easy: just
needed to install the package "python-is-python3". I don't know much
about this, but I think it is partly explained here:

LyX's assumes that the command "python" exists when setting
the commands of some converters. Is this something we want to fix? Would
it be reasonable for to just capture the path to the python
command that it is called with and pass that on when it is setting the
converter commands?

Or for the next release cycle would it be reasonable to change all
"python" commands to "python3" commands or is that not portable for all
modern platforms (by the time the next major version is released)?

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