[LyX/master] Transform simple search dialog to dock widget (#2625)

Jean-Marc Lasgouttes lasgouttes at lyx.org
Sun Feb 14 20:48:48 UTC 2021

Le 14/02/2021 à 20:40, Richard Kimberly Heck a écrit :
>> Yes, it’s a matter of style and I’m ok with this too.
>> Latest changes made me think it’s more modern to use the {} syntax.
> The {} notation uses the default initializer, whatever that is. So, yes, 
> nullptr would be more explicit but has the same effect.
> See 
> https://arne-mertz.de/2015/07/new-c-features-uniform-initialization-and-initializer_list/ 

So Riki, what do you prefer in this case?


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