[RFC] Simple Search to Bottom Dock

Jürgen Spitzmüller spitz at lyx.org
Sun Feb 14 16:19:38 UTC 2021

Am Sonntag, dem 14.02.2021 um 08:43 +0100 schrieb Jürgen Spitzmüller:
> Am Samstag, dem 13.02.2021 um 20:35 +0100 schrieb Pavel Sanda:
> > I do replace once a month while find 5xtimes a day, so the extra
> > click for replace does not really hurt.
> ... does not really hurt _you_.
> Anyway I am working on something.

The version I just pushed has a "Minimize" button. State is saved
across sessions.

There is still a bit too much space in the dock. I tried hard but could
not get rid of it. If someone has an idea: most welcome.


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