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Richard Kimberly Heck rikiheck at
Sat Feb 13 16:30:33 UTC 2021

Jürgen has done some work to make the search shortcuts work better, and
it's led to the question how to bind word-find-backwards. The usual
shortcut for that (on non-Mac machines) is S-F3 (with F3 being
word-find). On LyX, that is taken by bookmark-save 3; similarly S-Fn (n
a number) always sets a bookmark.

I propose to change bookmark-save n to M-n; this goes better with C-n,
which is what is bound to bookmark-goto n. That would free up S-F3 for
find-next-backwards, and also free up the other S-Fn.

I also thought about using "C-S-1", e.g., but that doesn't work, because
S-1 types "!" here, so it actually has to be:

\bind "S-C-exclam"        "bookmark-save 1"
\bind "S-C-at"            "bookmark-save 2"
\bind "C-S-numbersign"     "bookmark-save 3"
\bind "C-S-dollar"         "bookmark-save 4"
\bind "C-S-percent"     "bookmark-save 5"
\bind "C-S-asciicircum"    "bookmark-save 6"
\bind "C-S-ampersand"     "bookmark-save 7"
\bind "C-S-asterisk"     "bookmark-save 8"
\bind "C-S-parenleft"     "bookmark-save 9"

to work with my keyboard. I assume that would lead to chaos with
non-English keyboards.


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