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> Hi Eugene,
> I proposed in another discussion to add the version in all shortcuts
> created by the installer, for specifically the case where the user has
> several versions of LyX (or just updated, in which case there will be a
> delay before the new shortcut gets into the search cache of the Start menu).
> Here is the patch I propose. I am by no means a NSIS expert, I don't know
> if this will work, but I think there is a probability that it does.
> What do you think of this?

That won't work, because of overinstall, ppl install e.g. 2.3.5 into a
folder "LyX 2.3" and then overinstall 2.3.6 into the same folder. after
that there would be 2 shortcuts (LyX 2.3.5 and LyX 2.3.6) on the desktop
pointing to the same (newer) LyX. Ofc it would be possible to delete the
old shortcut, but it would be tricky and just a potential of more bugs imho.

I am strictly against what you propose, because probably most Windows users
have only 1 LyX installed (that would probably be the newest stable
version) and many also don't really understand many concepts of Windows
(like shortcuts, registry and other stuff), so we should not make it harder
for them. The ones, who install more than 1 version, are more into that and
can easily create their own shortcuts as they like. But as written, most
just install, use, overinstall and don't wanna be bothered with multiple
LyX versions and shortcuts. That's my opinion anyway.
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