[LyX/master] ePub: detect and use xsltproc.

Pavel Sanda sanda at lyx.org
Fri Feb 12 23:04:45 UTC 2021

On Fri, Feb 12, 2021 at 11:18:38PM +0100, Thibaut Cuvelier wrote:
> Are your two files correctly uploaded? 7Zip tells me that the CRC check
> failed for the xsltproc file (and indeed there is at least one missing
> character in its index.xhtml). Here are the SHA-256 of the two ePub files,
> computed by 7Zip (I downloaded them multiple times to be sure the error
> should not come from my side):
> Saxon: 3BD5DC8B92F263ED0E8397C95BD39BEA3388E6BFDC3307F7ABA634B81DCD94D5
> xsltproc: 58B94B38558DF9CA724F894AD5E479D1D9C314D5E9A857C5B7C828A69FA74EB6

Hm, no this is not what it should have been:
 $ sha256sum *epub
99bbc4701306261ef426fc76379dff360087d6830fd8a8213b816dc79c68bac7  Intro.saxon.epub
6e5152a77c3d1b0ec16fdf5829f7c8c7380b98781b2f0ff4a9b8543d7dd31fa2  Intro.xsltproc.epub

In case mailman is playing dirty tricks with us, could you try:


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