Use C++ testing framework

Yuriy Skalko yuriy.skalko at
Thu Feb 11 09:35:10 UTC 2021

> I'm all for focusing on 2.4.0 release. So I'll not push yet my commits into newly created branch features/unit-test-adoption.

After some time-out I've pushed my work on unit testing into 
unit-test-adoption branch in features repository. So if you have some 
free time and are interested, please try it.

Here are some notes:

* Now it supports CMake only
* I've added a short section documenting this in Development manual
* There are several changes that makes testing easier/possible:
     - (Inset...) made several virtual methods public (as in base class 
Inset) that wrongly were private in several derived classes
     - (lyxfind) made public findOne function to get rid of messagebox 
     - (ExternalTransforms) throw an exception instead of direct output 
to lyxerr stream to get clean console output when running tests


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