2.4 alpha2 failing on windows 10

Yu Jin yu_jin at lyx.org
Wed Feb 10 21:28:09 UTC 2021

Am Mi., 10. Feb. 2021 um 20:23 Uhr schrieb Richard Kimberly Heck <
rikiheck at lyx.org>:

> On 2/10/21 2:14 PM, Thibaut Cuvelier wrote:
> On Wed, 10 Feb 2021 at 18:34, José Abílio Matos <jamatos at lyx.org> wrote:
>> On Wednesday, February 10, 2021 12:48:17 PM WET Thibaut Cuvelier wrote:
>> > @José : reconfiguring LyX does not solve the problem. It really looks
>> like
>> > it cannot find Python.
>> We did not change the python detection code since alpha-1... :-(
> However, this must be the cause of the problems. I just tried adding
> Python to the PATH environment variable, and everything worked perfectly.
> Maybe LyX is tricked in some way by the python.exe that Microsoft puts in
> the PATH? (It's not a real Python, just something that tells you how to
> install it.) With this, you can start "a Python executable", but it will
> not execute any script (I believe it always returns an error code).
> That may be. Where do we record what Python we found?
> If so, then the solution would be to try running some simple Python file
> using whatever we find and see if that works. E.g. run the program "1;".
I have contributed some lines to python recognition on windows (
https://www.lyx.org/trac/ticket/11712): But because of what was written by
Thibaut (adding Python to PATH), it  looks to me that the failure is not in
this function but in rather LyX failing to add path prefix. I can also
reproduce this btw. I have checked the path prefix in the settings, all is
done right there. But even if I add python dir to PATH, it then will not
find other dependencies (imagemagik and ghostscript).
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