2.4 alpha2 failing on windows 10

Andrew Parsloe ajparsloe at gmail.com
Tue Feb 9 05:14:10 UTC 2021

I've twice downloaded the 64 bit alpha2 installer for windows and 
installed it. However when I try to open a document in it I get a series 
of errors starting with unable to find the article layout, then unable 
to read cite engine basic, then failures of both lyx2lyx and tex2lyx 
scripts. Trying to reconfigure also fails. When I look at Help > About 
LyX I see

Version 2.4.0dev (Monday, 28 December 2020)

Is this right? I've reverted to alpha1 which I see has the same version 

Version 2.4.0-alpha1 (Monday, 28 December 2020)


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