[LyX/master] Assure correct spacing of colored items in mathed

Enrico Forestieri forenr at lyx.org
Mon Feb 8 22:48:43 UTC 2021

On Mon, Feb 08, 2021 at 02:23:38PM +0100, Jean-Marc Lasgouttes wrote:
> Le 07/02/2021 à 17:42, Enrico Forestieri a écrit :
> > It's InsetArgumentProxy that is returning MC_UNKNOWN.
> Fixed at c3114515180d. I am not sure though what this code is doing: when
> creating the color inset, there is no \mathxxx anywhere, but they are
> introduced when writing back the .lyx file, right? This feels strange to me.

Why do you have that naïve feeling? Don't you see they magically disappear
when writing back the .lyx file?


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