DocBook to ePub

Cor Blom cornelisbb at
Sun Feb 7 13:09:03 UTC 2021

Op 29-01-2021 om 18:38 schreef Thibaut Cuvelier:
> As promised, I started working on ePub output, building upon the new 
> DocBook output.

I have build the latest git master on openSUSE and epub export is 
working fine.

I have two questions:

1. Bib(la)text references are ignored. Is that not possible, or for 
later, or does it need a configuration?

2. There was mention of using system xslt and saxon, but I did not see 
any configure options. Am I correct? BTW: I use autotools.

Thanks for all the work,


(openSUSE LyX maintainer)

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