Apply for LyX Template Design for MDPI Publishing Ltd.

Richard Kimberly Heck rikiheck at
Fri Feb 5 15:28:03 UTC 2021

On 2/5/21 5:41 AM, Latex wrote:
> Dear LyX Supporter,
> We hope you are doing well.
> This is MDPI Academic Publishing Company.
> Recently, we hope to set a LyX template according to MDPI layout format, the template source using LyX software is similar to Elsevier company (Refer to below picture), that the users can download LyX template with MDPI layout format from LyX website.


> If we hope to set this template, how should we do and what files can we prepare?

I would think the only thing you need is a LyX layout file, comparable 
to the elsart.layout and elsarticle.layout files that ship with LyX. 
These files tell LyX what the capabilities of the associated LaTeX class 
file are. Details on the format can be found in Chapter 5 of the 
Customization manual.


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