FriCAS and Lyx

Ralf Hemmecke ralf at
Wed Apr 14 19:20:37 UTC 2021

> That could have wider application than just CAS - think of matlab/octave
> or python sessions behind etc. But that needs quite some coding and thinking
> of what should happen to the session when you change some code snippet
> in the middle of the document full of other snippets...

Oh, that should not be THE problem. The CAS (or whatever lives on the
other end of the channel) has an internal state. Commands will be
executed as they come. If someone working in Lyx evaluates them
out-of-order, then he/she should not expect the same result as if the
evaluation starts from top to bottom. Every system that I know does it
that way. Even if you work inside a Mathematica/Maple notebook (i.e.
never leaving their systems) you would get this behaviour. So
out-of-order execution is the norm. Of course, you might want to have a
way that executes a number of lines in LyX (possibly the whole document)
in exacty the order as they are in the .lyx file.

Well as you say, the problem is that LyX must provide some connection
mechanism. It also took the Jupyter people quite some time to come up
with a nicely working way. I am not sure whether LyX could compete with
Jupyter in this respect, but who knows in which direction LyX will go.
As always in open-source development: nothing happens until someone
comes along and programs it.

Good luck with your project.


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