Scott Kostyshak skostysh at
Tue Apr 13 17:58:40 UTC 2021

On Tue, Apr 13, 2021 at 06:35:22PM +0200, Jean-Pierre Chrétien wrote:
> Dear Developers
> While working with lyx-2.3.7dev compiled with QT5.11.3, I see this in the terminal :
> $ frontends/qt4/GuiClipboard.cpp (92): No timely response from clipboard,
> perhaps process holding clipboard is frozen?
> I see it when I come back to the terminal window, so I do not know when it happens.
> Any clue?

Do you use a clipboard manager? If so, which one? I use CopyQ and I
often see that message in the terminal. I think it's also related that
sometimes I select something in LyX and the selection is broken. Does
this ever happen to you? It is much better in my experience after the
fix for #11715 (which is in the version of LyX you're using) but I still
see it sometimes.

If you don't use a clipboard manager, then I'm not sure. LyX does some
tricks regarding the clipboard because it does not want to constantly
export code whenever the selection changes (that would be expensive), so
it tries to wait until an application requests the selection.

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