One last strike against inheritFont() in LaTeX output

Scott Kostyshak skostysh at
Tue Apr 13 14:36:31 UTC 2021

On Tue, Apr 13, 2021 at 02:33:11PM +0200, Jean-Marc Lasgouttes wrote:
> Here is my latest attempt to try to make inheritFont a display-only feature.
> My reasoning is that this method and the Font entries of layout files only
> describe hat LaTeX does, so that LaTeX output does not have to take them
> into account.
> The attached example of a footnote in bold text gives the following in 2.3:
> \textbf{qfsdfsdfsdfsdf}\footnote{sdfsdfsdf}
> Note that the footnote inset is in bold like the rest of the top level
> paragraph.
> In 2.4 the output is visually the same, but the code is weird:
> \textbf{qfsdfsdfsdfsdf}{\bfseries\footnote{\textmd{sdfsdfsdf}}}
> The good change is that the \footnote is in a bold context as it should (the
> LaTeX style could be improved, but this is not 2.4 matters).
> But the bad change is that there is a \textmd inside the \footnote{} that
> does not make sense: inheritFont=false already tells that the font has been
> reset inside the footnote, why would we have to reset (again) to medium
> wight?
> I think that we should just ignore these outer font issues and generate the
> explicit font changes of the inner inset. But of course, there may be
> backward compatibility issues I am not aware of.
> Jürgen, I am sorry to reopen this can of worms, but I feel it has to be
> settled before 2.4.

Thanks to all who have worked on this tricky issue. I just checked
current master and I can now reproduce

I haven't tested master for a couple of weeks so I'm not sure what
commit reintroduced it, but it seems related to font switching so I
mention it here.

I can bisect if it would be helpful.

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